David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

PEOPLE FIRST! We are changing the Florida House of Representatives! But we can't do it alone. We need your help, and we need it now. Not a month from now, not when you get a group together to give as a PAC which is what you might be inclined to promise. Don't let this moment pass. The future is ours, but YOU have to join US; the larger We, "the willing to make a difference." Those who are willing to DO rather than just talk. WE don't need to be directed to a facebook page, or a website, or a rich billionaire friend of so and so. You know that's not going to  get it done. And it avails us nothing. THE MOMENT IS NOW, to participate, to join a movement. Don't waste another second DO something. Join our ranks, give us your information so we might reach you, send us whatever you can as a donation, and do it NOW! The state and the country await change. Change comes from those who change, not those who wait for a better day to come from someone else. YOU are that change NOW. 

No minimum. $1000 maximum per person.

Or make check out to "The Committee to Elect David Kearns" and send to 668 Dunbarton Circle Ne Palm Bay Florida 32905



State of Florida Requirements state candidates must include name, occupation and address, of donor individuals or businesses. Please use the form (separate window) in our "contact us" sheet. Then come back to this page to donate.