David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

the election of Gov. Rick Scott in 2010

  • Some 38,000 ballots were rescanned in the middle of the night in Hillsborough county in a process that delayed the result, was never adequately explained, for reasons which were flimsy at best..
  • The number, 38,000, coincidentally would have cleared a recount hurdle in one the tightest gubernatorial races in Florida history.
  • Hillsborough elections officials were investigated by FDLE  for  alleged sunshine violations related to inquiries concerning the machines, proceses etc. The FDLE headed by a Rick Scott appointee,dropped the case.
  • Florida Attorney Gen. Pam Bondi refused to consider the case and referred it to Department of state, headed by Rick Scott appointee, Sec. Ken Detzner.

Elections: History

the 2012 election

  • Your Republican led Florida Legislature intentionally loaded the 2012 ballot with amendments, and their entire wording, in order to exacerbate the long lines.
  • Poling places were closed ahead of the election
  • Early voting was shortened to add to the trouble
  • The legislature enacted laws ahead of the election, making voter registration drives more difficult.
  • Districts were manipulated ahead of the election by the republican majority to favor incumbents in at least two congressional districts, tainting the entire process with partisan back-dealing.
  • The state of Florida was essentially disenfranchised and did not participate in the 2012 Presidential race.
  • Florida is now notoriously bad at holding elections, as a result of partisan tricks and tampering, tainting both the name of our state and the republican party.
  • Florida continues a tradition of both republican and democratic gerrymandering in a"same as it ever was" mien. And this is NOT okay.