David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

Pinellas County UFO event

  • Something - whether a force of nature or a giant UFO - burned a hole in the technosphere over western Tampa bay during the August primary election night. (link)
  • Three forms of technology all failed at the same time requiring the dramatic "rescanning" event of tens of  thousands of early voted ballots after they were rushed in dramatic fashion back to the elections supervisors office.
  • A glitch in the phone lines, tabulator device and memory cards were discussed.
  • Supervisor of elections Deborah Clark offered only the explanation of a failed "gateway device" and left it at that.
  • During the general election in November Clark had also previously sent out a robo call telling some voters the wrong day to report to the poling places(link)        (NEXT Page click here)

st. lucie glitch

West v murphy

  • Memory card failures, a dramatic court hearing resulted in a squeaker victory of political newcomer U.S. Rep Patrick Murphy, democrat, over incumbent Republican Alan West in the 2012 18th Congressional District race 
  • Election results were more than two days in coming following numerous glitches and foul ups reported by Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker
  • Included in the mix were a 500 ballot discrepancy and late ballots found in a church polling precinct
  • Alan West vowed to take the fight to the highest court following an unfavorable result after a court ordered partial recount, but strangely went silent after consultation with republican operatives (Link)

Welcome to the machine

Volusia county quantum physics

  • In 2000 a voting machine counted 16,000 votes backwards, (negative votes!) for Al Gore in the Presidential election.
  • The single precinct where this glitch happened, 216, had less than 600 registered voters.
  • Bush v Gore was decided by 537 votes in Florida
  • The Volusia Glitch was never explained. ( Link)

Sarasota shuffle

  • In 2006 more than 17,000 under-votes (no vote cast) were reported in a single precinct during one of the most hotly contested congressional races in Florida history.
  • Republican Vern Buchanan defeated Democrat Christine Jennings by a slim margin to win.
  • The record number of undervotes were recorded on the ES and S touch-screen paperless system championed by Sec. of State Kurt Browning, a fund-raiser for George W Bush.
  • Voters using the ESandS machines reported the suspicious inability to cast a vote only in that race. Sarasota is heavily democratic.(Link)
  • Jennings later sued for a declaritory judgment on the race and the finding on the investigations were that she had clearly been the choice of the voters