David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53


Is an opportunity

Your current legislator for District 53, and as far as I can tell, all of your current legislators from Brevard, will take great pains to avoid admitting they are climate-change deniers. They stand in lame-league with Senator Marco Rubio; whose beloved, beautifulMiami South Beach is slowly but surely dipping beneath the waves.

The changes we MUST make with regard to energy represent a HUGE opportunity for this district.

One of the most Christian values is peace, the concept of beating the swords into plowshares. We have the engineers in this community whose minds can be turned from the creation of weapons toward alternative energy.

South Brevard, particularly areas of Palm Bay such as The Compound, could serve as a laboratory for the development of alternative systems and every resident in Brevard County could benefit.

There are new developments in clean energy.

In India, technicians are covering portions of the canals with solar panels, both generating energy and conserving fresh water.

Companies are now developing materials that would convert roads baking in the sun, into solar collectors.

Local teachers working with the Florida Solar Energy Center are already saving the school district money on their energy bills. The educational benefits are a huge windfall. But these efforts are not being pushed to the forefront because of the legislative environment: your leaders are refusing to look at alternative energy as anything but a strange novelty because big oil calls the tune.

Any commissioner, council person, legislator or school board member who stands against clean energy is not serving the public good.