Florida House District 53

District 53 was formed after the redistricting rules were put into place just prior to the 2012 election.

​Brevard’s state house districts prior to 2012 were a mess. District’s 30 and 31 essentially split south Brevard in half. District 30 was held by Rep. Ritch Workman. District 31, was held by your current Representative John Tobia.

​Tobia and Workman have been working closely together – and against your interest - since 2010. Rather than run against each other, Tobia opted to move his office and his legal residence to the extreme southern end of the barrier island (noted by the red dot on the district map) following the 2012 election cycle.

In the 2012 race he faced democratic contender, teacher and redistricting activist John Alvarez in a spirited campaign. Alvarez came close.  However, a last-minute robocall by Tobia supporters, which many considered underhanded, spoofed not only Alvarez’s Hispanic heritage, but his sexual orientation.

​In a mincingly feminized message recorded in English and in Spanish, the robocaller claimed to be “John Alvarez”. The caller claimed to want the early release of prisoners. No action was ever taken against the Tobia team, who eked out a win, perhaps owing to the cultural fears of the calls’ recipients. To this day, Tobia denies any involvement with the robocall or the mailings that also went out spoofing if not slandering Alvarez.

​Since District 53 is a new district, the laws would allow Tobia, who has been in the Florida House since 2008, a full six years before he is term limited. That’s four more years voting against your interests.

Everything here should alert you the voter, as to the lengths the billionaires will go to keep one of their sock-puppets in the Florida House of Representatives, and the danger associated with voting for the incumbent for purely partisan, social, or cultural reasons.

David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53