Medical Marijuana

Its time has come

Big pharmaceutical drug companies have a little secret they don't want you to know. Marijuana's THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient, works at fighting pain associated with severe arthritis. It helps those returning from combat suffering with post traumatic stress. It reduces nausea in those cancer patients undergoing chemo treatment, and stimulates the appetite and suppresses the pain of those dealing with AIDS.

In other words, it absolutely works for some people suffering some pretty bad stuff.

That's one of the reasons large pharmaceutical drug companies continue to pay millions into the coffers of some candidates in both house and senate races in the state of Florida.

Basically they want to control what drugs are approved. The supply line, the synthesis and the production and the rules which regulate these substances.

If there is a natural product that can be produced locally outside their control, well, that's BAD for them. That undercuts their market. They don't care about those suffering with AIDS with cancer, with battle stress. They don't give a damn. Which is why they will continue to pour money into the coffers of people like your incumbent State Rep. John Tobia.

These public officials will play the "morality" card and tell you of the dangers associated with marijuana. The prostitution, the vagrancy, etc etc. They will mention our children, who are already surrounded by marijuana from a thriving underground market saturated with pot of unknown origin, laced with unknown additives.

Even now, drug cartels sensing the end of prohibition, are flooding our streets with pot laced with everything from heroin to rat poison. If there is a war on the drug called marijuana we are currently losing it. Even now marijuana grow houses continue operating in Brevard County. If we are "preventing" something from "reaching our children" while through ignorance and willful blindness withholding pain medicine from those in need, I as a candidate for state house cannot see what it is.

I am for the safe, controlled, regulation of medical marijuana, making it available to those who need it. Of all the candidates on the ballot for the District 53 race I am the only candidate who has to courage to admit it is time Florida took this step.

David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53