David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53


A problem in south brevard

As a Realtor I have come to value good roads when attempting to sell houses in South Brevard. Of the services a community can offer, decent roads are near the top of the list.

More than once I have been called to show a particular property in the south end of the county only to have the potential buyer call me and cancel en route: the roads!

It can be the nicest house you'd ever want to own. If the hardscrabble road leading to it is going to make life miserable what's the point?

If you purchased a home during the boom years, fully expecting the roads to be paved soon, you're likely stuck.

Roads, city sewer, city water: these are some of the first considerations, followed by schools, and the condition of the home itself.

South Brevard has essentially been abandoned by the legislative process. Everyone from State legislators, County Commissioners, School Board members (the latter both afflicted with Viera centered view of the world) right on down to the Realtors themselves disparage the community when talking to potential clients because the roads, schools falling apart (self-inflicted), paint an unflattering picture and the spiral continues.

The tax base suffers, and less money is available for needed infrastructure.

Instead of giving breaks to billion dollar corporations for the promise of spread sheet jobs we need to solve the problem of the failing roads and other infrastructure in South Brevard and all over the state.

Visit my website dedicated to Palm Bay and South Brevard roads.


Working together

Again we need conscientious public officials in office who are less concerned with making brownie points on cable news shows, than they are with problem solving.

You need a state legislator who is willing to work with the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization regularly to identify critical needs.

You need someone who is willing to stand on the floor of the house and demand state money for infrastructure before they would tell women of Florida what to do in their reproductive lives.

Roads before tax breaks. If you want to be welcomed into the community, pay your taxes, but let us cost share a new road or improve an existing one leading to your plant so we can all benefit.

We need to finish the roads we start, post haste. The state needs to help. I am willing to work, willing to listen!