David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53


  • Our schools are not for sale initiative.
  • Limits on the expansion of charter schools
  • No more corporate tax breaks from public education
  • Reverse key initiatives put in place post 2010 designed to harm students and teachers
  • Return funding on public schools to pre 2007 levels
  • Limit incursion of corporate interest into our university system

What to do?

Vote them out.

But voting for the right candidate means knowing their stand on funding PUBLIC schools.

I am on the only candidate up for election in Brevard County who has come out as strongly in favor of public schools, and fighting back against the onslaught of Big Box corporate learning.

Your current legislator has voted against public schools, and public school teachers every chance he has had.

Other candidates have not voiced strong opposition or any opinion whatsoever on the continued survival of public schools.

Public Schools

Under attack

It is hard to fathom, but our public schools are under attack. By whom?

The very public officials elected to fund and defend public education.

Since 2010 with the election of Governor Rick Scott, there has been a concerted effort on the part of GOP legislators, the governor and even local politicians to mercilessly cut funding to public schools.

".........The Legislature has slashed the local property tax rate for capital by 25 percent and all but ended state money for buildings. Tallahassee's moves caused two thirds in the hole for Brevard's (schools) capital budget" .

If you have noticed your child's public school falling apart talk to your legislators first. This year, the case couldn't be more plain that your elected officials have your child's public school in their bull's eye for closure, followed by turning it over to a for-profit charter school at a later date.

Look at the facts: the governor and the legislature awarded some $75 million in capital improvement money to just 570 charter schools statewide. Meanwhile a paltry $53 million was spread out to all 67 counties for improvements to the infrastructure of schools. That's the roof, the a/c unit, the windows, the pipes etc.

Brevard, with 80 schools makes due with the leavings. Your child's school - by this math - gets $10,000 for the year to fix everything falling down with it. Not even enough to asphalt a parking lot.

Meanwhile,  as if to spite public schools, your local leaders in the county commission and the school board gleefully gave $3.5 million in relief (per year every year) to Northrop Grumman. To the hole in revenue created your school board chairman said "we will have to do without."

The assault on public education is one of the most vicious attacks by greed masked as ideology ever foisted on the American public and the American way of life. Your elected officials are participating in the sham of allowing public schools to die on the vine,  while offering the fig leaf of a half-cent sales tax. In this plan, one dollar in every ten will be standing in stead for the Northrop deal, alone.

This has to stop. This trend must be reversed