Atheists shut down?

Central Florida Free Thought Citizens were rejected by our Brevard Commissioners to offer their invocation during the county commission meetings. I never contacted them, but I was there speaking on their behalf, as I had done for Muslims, as I would do for anyone, when I felt their rights were under attack. (I come in at minute 8 in the video).We have to protect the rights of all, and follow the Constitution!

Church and state

Separate for a reason

I spent two years working in Central America (Honduras) as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer. Among the many things I learned was how to mix up a quick batch of cement.

Concrete, gravel and sand. The reason we mix these three different items together is that, combined, they make a substance stronger than any one of the three. It is vital to mix them thoroughly. If you get pockets of only sand, or gravel, you get cracks in the cement. It might not happen right away, but give it a week and the right temperature, and CRAAACK! And your little water project will leak and your name will be mud.

Can you guess the analogy? Our society benefits from the differences. Government is like the mixing bucket, neither favoring one, nor the other.

Predatory corporations want us divided. They want us to forget the U.S. Constitution that the framers made to protect all religions, favoring none. 

Predatory corporations want us in little Bosnified pockets of race, class, socioeconomics, status; little gated communities of learning, religion, living, etc.

I believe one of the wisest, most noble things done at our founding, and certainly one of the most forward thinking, was the Establishment Clause in the Bill of Rights.  No State Religion.  I will fight in the State House to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution in this regard. I will never apologize for it.

Public servants and elected officials, like Marines, Soldiers and Sailors, swear an oath to do this when they take their posts. They need to remember this oath. The Constitution is more important than the Flag that flies over it, and certainly more important, for a public servant to protect, than anyparticular faith or single agenda.

David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53