Small businesses

Need our help

It has been said that they are our lifeblood in this country. Then why are they ignored.

Currently many of the shopping plazas in the county are running at low capacity. Some plazas look like the remnants of ghost towns.

Palm Bay West is an example of a plaza that should be doing better.

Currently there is no "save our homes" tax protection for commercial property like the plazas, whose property values are increasing at a rate faster than the foot traffic. So too, insurance costs. When this happens the owners are forced to turn the increases on to the tenants. There comes a point when the tenant cannot continue to pay the increases, and they either go out of business or simply do not continue to lease. The store closes.

Small businesses depend on the plazas to get their start. They need an ally in Tallahassee.

Also, where are the loans for small and medium sized businesses? We need to find out what we can do to see that the loans, as well as some of the tax breaks are making it to the muscle of the economy.

David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53