David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

Some possible solutions

Common sense changes, first

  • The Secretary of State should not be appointed by the governor. He or she should be duly elected. This removes the taint of partisanship in dealings with election mishaps. This change came by referendum vote, it can be changed back to the way it was prior to 2008 by the same manner.
  • Ballot amendments should appear as clear, concise summaries with a view toward what the new law would actually accomplish.
  • The same vendors - ES and S, Premiere Elections Solutions, Diebold- offering the same software, same drives, same memory cards and code continue to be used in the process of running our elections despite shoddy performance. This is because we know no other way and some people obviously benefit from the known flaws in the systems. We need to seek more secure solutions to running our state elections.
  • The word "glitch" bespeaks lack of culpability. It is a one syllable gibberish designed to outsource blame to unseen forces. It often is used as cover for hacking. The word Glitch needs to be removed from our elections lexicon. It should be called "election misadventure" and each should be treated as a potential hacking until ruled otherwise.
  • There should be legally accepted, voted on, codified, standardized by Florida Statue process of "rescanning" ballots. A rescanning happens when there is a total failure or breakdown in the system. It currently has no meaning and it represents a massive loophole which is obviously being used by those bent on stealing elections.