David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

Stop that train I want to get off

No to All aboard

Speaking to former Brevard Fire Chief Larry Collins here are the variables that can negatively impact the train running through District 53 AKA extreme South Brevard/Micco/Barefoot Bay.

  • Response times for Fire Rescue will be delayed "there is no question" he said. How much remains uncertain. Anywhere else in Brevard, where there are more fire stations on either side of US 1, this is less of a problem.In Micco, it can be a big one. Micco Road, Barefoot Bay Bllvd would be blocked if there was a delay or breakdown of increased freight or the passenger trains. If the Micco Fire Station were blocked entirely, this could significantly delay response coming from Grant Valkaria miles to the north on US1. 
  • If there was an emergency in Barefoot Bay, this could delay the travel time to Sebastian River Medical Center.
  • Brevard County Fire Rescue has the trained personnel versed in how to handle a major mishap, derailment etc of freight trains and has the equipment to do so. However it does not have these elements for passenger trains. This cost to get up to speed remains a mystery and the company is not saying what it would contribute to Brevard for this. Should a high speed derailment occur at the Sebastian River trestle how will Micco and Roseland handle it? Unknown.
  • Unknown is the number of increased freight trains
  • Unknown is the number of the passenger trains.