David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

The War

Politics in Sunshine

When I wrote Rick Scott:Enemy of the State  ​I intended it to be a lighthearted satire. The original title was Rick Scott for Dummies. But the old journalist in me took over. I discover major problems in the Hillsborough supervisor of elections office which - in my mind - point to a rigged election that installed him.

I got to know Hillsborough County quite well through a series of trips, speaking before the county commissioners, and trying to launch an investigation through FDLE.Needless to say, this failed but I learned a lot.

Then I began watching Rick Scott's agenda play out. It was then I learned - as anyone does who investigates what is going on - that these strange brothers named Koch, were manipulating our political system here in Florida. Rick Scott is really just their quarterback here on the field.

I saw how the manipulation of popular media gave rise to people like Michelle Rhee and others, who themselves were propped up as the new experts on learning. Only to find they are shills for the same agenda being put on us by the Kochs.

All four of your local state representatives - offensive linemen - are supportive of that agenda to dismantle public schools, privatize everything, kill all government and regulation. Tom Godsen, John Tobia, Ritch Workman, Steve Crisafulli all support this agenda as demonstrated in their votes for these extreme measures.

If you want to see fracking and the destruction of your environment in South Brevard particularly, I would say to you progressives, you are on the right track; you are doing very little to stop it, if it ever came to that. You're not supporting candidates who can break up the Koch party in Tallahassee.