David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

Betraying the voter

Perhaps one of the most sinister things to come along in a while is the politician who shames you into voting for them- playing on religious fears,social conventions, or political party - only to then turn around and vote against your interests, time and again.

They depend upon a sleeping media to get away with it, and they do. You depend on their assurances they are honest and have moral center because they have used common religion, or a social issue such as abortion, as a touch stone. Then they turn around and vote to defund public education. 

They claim they are trying to encourage a free market by deregulating. You agree this is a good thing, only to find they increased regulations calling for drug tests for you, if you are downsized and you have to resort to unemployment insurance or public assistance to survive.

They claim they are against hand outs and that everyone should pay a fair share. You later find they have given away millions in tax "incentives" to vast corporations that already take money from the Pentagon, from the taxpayer, from you.

Should you point any of this out, they invite others of your party to ostracize you. They claim you aren't American, unpatriotic, and "with Obama" on all issues, even the social ones.

Are you tired of this game yet? Can you see it being played out? Set aside or stick a pin in some of the issues where you and I may disagree, and consider the issues where we agree: education, civil safety, security, our children, the need for an actual economy.