What is it?

My name is David Kearns. I am running to become your representative for Florida House District 53. I am also the author of a book called "Rick Scott: Enemy of the State" you can find it on amazon.com.

My district covers the southern end of Florida's space coast, which has been sorely neglected by the incumbent member of the house, and the entire process.

Last week I was at a Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce meeting. The speaker was one of the directors of the Space Coast Economic Development Commission. He decried the fact there were "radicals" among the masses who choose to believe Rick Scott is NOT the greatest thing that ever hit Florida.

It got me asking myself and others what is a radical these days? How bad has it gotten?

Is it radical to resist the systematic closing of public schools? to say no to the attempt by corporate interests to create gated subdivisions of learning? Is it radical to resist educational inequality?

If it is, then I am a radical.

At the moment of desperation the poor and the unemployed find they have to turn to the state for help. Is it radical to ask them NOT to be subjected to the humiliation of urinating in a cup to please and enrich the governor?

Then I am a radical. Are you?

Here is also another radical thought: we should not privatize prisons! That's a really bad idea. Is it radical to think that if we incentivize incarcerations, we will declare open season on ourselves? That we will be issuing a hunting license to every tin pot corporate gulag out there to come and put as many of us into prisons as possible? Is this a radical notion that they would do this? Are you a radical like me in distrusting the current administration in Tallahassee?

I hope so. I dearly do.

More radical thoughts: two people who love each other should be able to get married, raise a family and enjoy all that life offers any couple.

Another one: the surest way for a woman to see to the finances of herself and her family is through her ability to control her own reproduction.

A twelve year old child with diabetes should be covered under insurance no matter the cost on a spread sheet, and it is NOT a moral failing on the part of our state to make that a reality.

Here's one: there should be no fracking in Florida, ever.

How about this? This state should become the epicenter of the revolution in alternative energy: the place where the rest of the planet looks for answers on how to make this happen. This today is radical thinking?

Our elections should be fair, unriggable, the process should be made easier for all to participate in. There's a radical notion that bugs the hell out of Tallahassee incumbents these days

So these notions today are all considered radical by our republican friends in Tallahassee. My incumbent opponent has amassed a treasure chest of more than $100,000 dollars by terrified and mighty corporations to fight them!

My wife, my family and I have put all our own money into our campaign because we deeply believe in the rightness of our radicality.

So we come to the question: what is a radical these days? I am! Join me in spreading radical thought to include people should come before corporations.

And Donate to The Committee to Elect David Kearns so we can make the radical, reality.

David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53