David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53

Government is comprised of three branches: the Executive(The Governor) the Judicial(The Supreme Court) and the Legislative(The Legislature). The House and the Senate make and pass laws, which are either signed by the governor or vetoed, before becoming law. The Court can rule on a law as constitutional or unconstitutional.

The Legislature is comprised of an "Upper House" (the Senate), and a Lower House, (The House of Representatives).

Our Florida House of Representatives is comprised of 120 members covering as many districts. (Link to the Florida House Members List)

District 53, basically everything South of SR-192 to the Brevard-Indian River County line, is currently represented by Rep. John Tobia who lists his residence as South Melbourne Beach. 

Tobia is a Republican, as is the majority of the House. See the schemata to the right. Why is it important, who you elect? Why is it important to check the power of any one political party to dominate over what is happening?

State Reps can be a force for Good or Evil. A state rep can help bring green jobs, allocate road money, increase the millage rate allowable for school funding statewide, write sensible laws for gun safety, can fight to protect the rights of workers/vote for a living minimum wage. A state rep can hurt by, voting to bring fracking into the state, neglect roads and infrastructure, vote for the insane "stand your ground law" that has killed people in this state, close planned parenthood centers,vote to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples, vote to challenge the federal mandate for any kind of minimum wage, vote to block Medicaid expansion. It is important to support and vote for the RIGHT kind of state rep. and vote out the WRONG ONE.Do you know WHO your state rep is? How they vote? Which kind are they? Do you care?