David Anthony kearns
for Florida House District 53


Koch in sheep's clothing

ALEC is literally an exchange where like-minded legislators are wined and dined, then fed legislation - all of it with a corporate agenda - and then sent back to their various governing bodies to shoe-horn these into law. 

These pieces of legislation, called Model legislation, are in some cases, merely a function of cut-and-paste for the various legislatures. 

Take for instanceSB 368 which is alsoHB 7031 in the house. This legislation now law, calls for the removal of governing bodies' financial powers in the case of "financial emergencies" the nature of which are vaguely described. This is enormous power. It can geld your school board or county commission.

This effort began years prior and found purchase in other states where the legislation is nearly identical.

Other cut-and-paste corpro-laws include those covering teacher tenure, expansion of charter schools, privatizing prisons, drug testing the unemployed, drug testing state workers, drug testing for welfare recipients, strange and dangerous gun laws like extending the castile rule to "stand your ground" anywhere.

The cut and paste legislation also extends to a long list of anti-immigration laws, anti-reproductive freedom laws. 

The funding stream makes up what many call Dark Money, where special interests use second and third party donors to support candidates who are with the "program". The Koch influence in ALEC has been well documented through charitable foundations that make up ALEC.